<strong>Napoleon Bonaparte and the fear of cats</strong>

Napoleon Bonaparte and the fear of cats

Napoleon Bonaparte: The Surprising Fear of Cats that Boosted Him


Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most influential leaders of the History, was known for his courage and determination. However, a peculiarity little known about it was his fear of cats. In this article, we will explore the relationship between Napoleon Bonaparte and his fear of cats, examining possible causes and consequences of this fear.

The origin of fear

Although there is no definitive explanation for the fear of Napoleon Bonaparte in relation to cats, there are several theories that can help understand its origin.

1. Traumatic infancy

Some scholars suggest that the fear of Napoleon's cats may have been the result of a traumatic experience in childhood. Maybe he was scratched or bitten by a cat when he was a child, which left a lasting mark on his psyche.

2. Popular superstition and beliefs

Another theory is that Napoleon was influenced by popular superstitions and beliefs of the time. In 19th-century France, it is believed that black cats were associated with witchcraft and bad luck. These beliefs may have contributed to Napoleon's fear of cats.

The impact of fear of cats

The fear of Napoleon Bonaparte's cats had several consequences in his personal and political life.

1. Avoiding cats at all costs

Napoleon made a point of avoiding any contact with cats. He ordered cats to be kept away from their quarters and even from their properties. This aversion to cats may have limited their social interactions and restricted their freedom of movement in certain situations.

2. Political decisions influenced by fear

On occasions, the fear of Napoleon's cats may have influenced his political decisions. For example, there are reports that he refused alliances with countries where cats were considered national symbols or where they were widely worshipped. This aversion to cats may have undermined their diplomatic relations and affected their political strategy.

Case studies

There are several case studies that illustrate the fear of Napoleon Bonaparte cats.

1. Incident with a black cat

On one occasion, during a meeting with his generals, a black cat entered the room. Napoleon immediately rose up and left, refusing to return until the cat was removed. This incident demonstrates the intensity of his fear and how he was willing to interrupt an important meeting because of a cat.

2. Aversion to cats in battle

On another occasion, during a battle, Napoleon spotted a cat near the battlefield. He ordered his soldiers to avoid the cat at all costs, even if it meant altering his combat strategy. This aversion to cats may have affected the performance of their troops and harmed their chances of victory.


The fear of Napoleon Bonaparte's cats was a little known peculiarity of one of the most influential leaders of the History. Although the exact origin of this fear remains uncertain, it is evident that it had a significant impact on your personal and political life. Avoiding cats at all costs and making decisions influenced by fear, Napoleon showed how irrational fear can affect even the most powerful individuals. This example reminds us of the importance of facing our fears and not allowing them to limit our lives and decisions.


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