The dinosaurs are fascinating creatures that inhabited our planet millions of years ago. Many information about them is known and widely disclosed, but there are also shocking and unknown facts that can surprise even lovers of paleontology.

1. Some dinosaurs had feathers: the classic image many have of dinosaurs how squamous creatures may be wrong. In fact, many dinosaurs They had feathers, especially the theropods, like the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex.

2. The dinosaurs were not all great: though the great dinosaurs, like Brachiosaur or Diplodocus, be the most famous, many species were much smaller, the size of a chicken, for example.

3. The dinosaurs were diversified: there dinosaurs carnivorous, herbivorous, flying, aquatic and terrestrial. The diversity of life forms of these Animals It was amazing.

4. The extinction of dinosaurs was not instantaneous: unlike what many think, the extinction of dinosaurs It didn't happen at once. It was a process that lasted millions of years.

Five. The dinosaurs were relics of the past: most species of dinosaurs known today lived in the Cretaceous period, which ended about 65 million years ago.

6. Most dinosaurs was not extinguished when the planet was hit by a meteor: although the impact of a meteor was one of the main reasons for mass extinction of the dinosaurs, many species were already in decline before this event.

7. Some dinosaurs were extremely intelligent: some dinosaurs, like Troodon, had relatively large brains for the size of their bodies and were considered Animals extremely intelligent.

Eight. Some dinosaurs had duck beaks: yes, that's right! Some dinosaurs herbivores, like Hadrosaur, had beaks similar to modern ducks.

9. The dinosaurs were distant relatives of birds: many scientific evidence suggests that birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs, being considered therefore part of a group called dinosaurs theropods.

10. The dinosaurs could communicate: recent studies indicate that dinosaurs could communicate with each other through vocalizations and body movements.

11. Some dinosaurs had extraordinary skills: for example, Archaeopteryx, a bird-like dinosaur, was able to plan and fly, which made it a true pioneer of aeronautics.

In summary, the dinosaurs were Animals fascinating and full of surprises. Your fossils continue to be a source of research and inspiration for scientists around the world, who seek to unravel the mysteries of the past to better understand the History of life on Earth.